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           Attention Rising Seniors! 
All Seniors planning to go to a college or technical school should be
applying for financial aid NOW!
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Scholarships will be available for Seniors starting February 2017

Herff Jones will be at Coral Shores on October 12,13, & 14
to pick up cap and gown order forms with payment included.

 October 12, 13, 14, 2016
   Cap & gown orders due.
Grad Bash- April 7, 2017
Prom - May 13, 2017
Project Graduation - May 31, 2017


Senior Exam Schedule
Following May 19th, seniors will be required to be on campus only during scheduled exam times.
Seniors  are not allowed on campus during the regular school day after Wednesday, May 24, without checking in with the main office, except to attend the mandatory graduation practice.

Grades for Seniors are due by noon Friday, May 26th.
Friday, May 19th -  Last Normal Bell for Seniors
Friday, May 19th -  Period 7 (1:35-2:30)
Monday, May 22nd -  Period 1 (7:35-8:25)  
                                    Period 2 (8:30-9:20) 
Tuesday, May 23rd-   Period 3 (9:25-10:15)
                                     Period 4 (10:20-11:10)
                                                  Wednesday, May 24th-  Period 5 A Lunch (11:45-12:35)  B Lunch  (11:15-12:05)                                      Period 6 (12:40-1:35)​​

Seniors, stop by the CSH front office one week after graduation to pick up your two FREE transcripts - one to mail and a spare to keep, just in case something happens to the first copy!
Sunday, May 28, 2017,   10:00  AM at Island Community Church
Senior Night
May 30, 2017, 7:00  PM at PAC
Graduation Rehearsal
May 31, 2017 at 9:30 at Gym
May 31 at 7:00 at Gym
NOTE: Seniors meet at 6:15 PM in the Cafeteria for line up and clothing check.
Students and parents, the county does have a dress code which must be followed when the cap and gown are worn: Gentlemen must wear dark dress slacks (no jeans), dark socks with dress shoes, solid light-colored shirt (preferably white) with a tie.  Ladies must wear a light-colored dress (preferably white) heeled shoes or dress sandals.  Girls, your cap and gown color is white which is easy to see through, so it is very important you strictly meet the dress code.  You must abide by this dress code or you will not be allowed to participate in the event--parents and students please remember this important county guideline!

Questions: Contact Mrs. Browning 305-853-3222  ext. 56382,

Cap and Gown

§  Cap and gown orders need to be placed through Herff Jones, website address:

Senior FAQ
Senior Year FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions!
(It’s really not that hard, everything falls into place, I promise!)
When do I start applying to  4 yr. colleges/universities?
The sooner the better! Some DEADLINES are as early as Oct. 17th this year! The earlier applications are received to ALL colleges, the better chance of getting accepted. PERIOD. You should apply to at least 3 different schools, with at least one being a school you KNOW you can get accepted to!

What do I need to get accepted to a community college?
A High School Diploma.You may apply to community colleges as late as May or June.
 How can I get financial aid for college?
Most financial aid, grants, and scholarships from colleges comes from the FAFSA application which is done in January or February of your senior year. It will be based off of your parents’ 2014 income taxes. Encourage your parents to complete their taxes as soon as possible this year!

When do I apply for Bright Futures?
After Dec. 1st- Miss Harris will be giving a seminar for parents and students how to do this. It is a 5 minute registration. A FAFSA application must also be completed now to be eligible for Bright Futures. (Parent income does not matter, but a FAFSA application MUST be completed). 

Can I get Bright Futures even if I have a Florida Pre-Paid Scholarship?
Yes! You can! Bright Futures is a merit scholarship, meaning if the student earns it, the student gets it. The students are not in competition with anyone but themselves. If they meet the criteria, they get the scholarship. Bright Futures money will be refunded to the student from the college after tuition and other expenses are paid from the student account. “Other expenses” could include dormitory fees, meal plans, books, etc. FYI—Bright Futures does NOT pay for Summer terms!

When will I find out if I qualified for Bright Futures?
The Department of Education sends out letters twice a year. Once in March for “early qualifiers” (if the student has already met all requirements including GPA ,test scores, and community service hours) and then again in early August.  You can check your Bright Futures standing on or with Miss Harris at any time.  (Students have no responsibility to send transcripts to Bright Futures, District Headquarters does this)

When can I apply for local community scholarships?
Most community scholarships become available in February or March of your senior year. All community scholarships will be posted online on the school website. These scholarships are usually awarded on Class Night, the awards night the day before Graduation.

How can I get an athletic scholarship?
Athletes should discuss their interest in collegiate sports with their coach and Miss Harris in their junior year if possible. Seniors need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse online recruiting form.* Keep in mind that grades and SAT/ACT scores are very important, not just athletic ability! Also, it may be easier to get recruited for an out-of-state college sports team, depending on the sport.

Senior textbooks are due to the teacher the day of the final.
Make sure all school obligations are cleared!
Seniors should pay close attention to the 
daily announcements 
for any changes or additions!


If you have any questions please email Kim Browning
or call her at 305-853-3222  EXT. 56382

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